On The Turf

Canvassers Unite!

On The Turf: Canvassers Unite!
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Welcome to on_the_turf!

Here is a safe haven for canvassers of all kinds; door-to-door salespersons, pollsters, fundraisers, Jehovah's Witnesses... anyone who puts on the shoes and truly Walks the Walk.

There are a few Ground Rules:

1) No inter-canvasser attacks. Many canvassers work out of a political office, and that's wonderful. However, this is a HAVEN for canvassers. So if you work at the DNC, that's fine. Horror stories about Republicans are fine, but leave the RNC alone. :-)

2) Picking fights is strictly forbidden. As stated before, this is a place of support and solidarity. Take your flamewars elsewhere.

3) Stories are encouraged. Questions are encouraged. Snarky "I was doing my knitting and someone came and interrupted me; what an asshole!" comments are discouraged.

3a) Stories about insane office people (other smelly canvassers, directors, stragglers, etc) are also allowed (and encouraged). Because we all know that you have to be half-mad to canvass in the first place. :-P

4) This journal is under First Amendment protection. It is moderated, but it is also assumed that there is a certain level of maturity required to be a canvasser, and that will translate into cyberspace. (Naughty language, however, is fine)

5) Photos of your co-canvassers, office, knickknacks, etc., are marvellous, but please put them behind an LJ-cut for the sake of our slow modems.

6) Always wear socks. Always.

7) If you join, please give us a greeting with the following information:

-Username (real name, if you like)
-What kind of canvassing you do
-What brought you into it
-Favorite canvassing story

Thank you! :-)

This community is moderated by ahimsa04. Please contact me with any questions or thoughts at ahimsa04@emailaccount.com