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Mon, Sep. 13th, 2004, 08:54 am
ahimsa04: Moderatrix: n. feminine of moderator

Just a little note from your friendly community moderatrix...

We are still working on building up this community's membership base. What this means to all of YOU is that I need your help in pimping this baby out!

Some ideas on how to help:

Put up a PSA on your personal journal!

Pimp it in your communities!

Tell your friends!!

Important: As always, all sides of the political spectrum are welcome here. I know it's taken on a Democratic/Kerry overtone here, but there's no reason for conservatives not to be welcome here. So if you know people who "walk the walk" for Bush/Cheney (or any other candidate, cause, or effort), bring them in!

Also remember that this is for anyone with an interest or history in canvassing. This includes past AND present canvassers. In other words, if you walked for Citizen Action last summer, you can join and share your horror stories now. :-)

Any questions or issues can be directed to me, either through my personal journal or e-mailed to me at ahimsa04@emailaccount.com

Thank you!

Katie Jo