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Mon, Sep. 6th, 2004, 12:13 pm
katje0711: Update from the campaign trail

Just thought I would let everyone know what's been happening here in NH.

A few days ago a woman told me she would be voting for the first time this year and she was voting for Kerry/Edwards. Just the other day a guy asked how he could find out about Republicans for Kerry. I gave him the local HQ phone number. Last night my hubby and I were at Barnes and Noble and the lady behind the counter expressed pleasure at seeing our Kerry/Edwards buttons. She said she did not have a bumper sticker and I told her where she could get one. We tried to give her a button, but she said she would get one from HQ.

I asked my hubby if he had been recieving any kind of response when he wore his button out in the community and he said he had and it had all been positive.

My boss wears his 'Beat Bush' button almost daily is continues to report to me that he hears positive comments all the time. I certainly see this as good news for the Kerry/Edwards camp on this front.

What kind of response have the rest of you been getting when you wear your Kerry/Edwards or anit-Bush buttons?