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Sun, Oct. 17th, 2004, 10:12 pm
ahimsa04: (no subject)

Ran into a canvasser today working for League of Conservation Voters. Chatted with her a bit.

Only home two days and saw a canvasser.

Must be fate.

Sat, Sep. 25th, 2004, 07:37 pm
ahimsa04: (no subject)

Slightly OT...

but I registered voters yesterday.

It was cool. We set up a table in the basement of the Toner Student Center (kind of a student union place) next to the bookstore and yelled at people to come get registered.

It was a lot like street canvassing, actually; some of the people would walk by with their eyes straight ahead and pretend that they didn't see us. Some would look and then chuckle on their way. Some would stop at our table and chat. Some would even get registered.

It was awesome. It felt like canvassing, but without the getting-sworn-at.

Wed, Sep. 22nd, 2004, 08:31 pm
jazzmepurplbaby: Just a reminder

Everybody who isn't in the state where they are registered or where they want their vote to count, GET AN ABSENTEE BALLOT! You can get a request form online, and you can register online... Not that most of you need this reminder. But I know I do because I need to send my request for a ballot in. You do have to send in a request for a ballot before they can send you a ballot... So it takes a little time. Oh and Katie, I miss you and you rock.

Lots of love,
Kyra, ex-DNC-er extraordinaire

Mon, Sep. 13th, 2004, 08:54 am
ahimsa04: Moderatrix: n. feminine of moderator

Just a little note from your friendly community moderatrix...

We are still working on building up this community's membership base. What this means to all of YOU is that I need your help in pimping this baby out!

Some ideas on how to help:

Put up a PSA on your personal journal!

Pimp it in your communities!

Tell your friends!!

Important: As always, all sides of the political spectrum are welcome here. I know it's taken on a Democratic/Kerry overtone here, but there's no reason for conservatives not to be welcome here. So if you know people who "walk the walk" for Bush/Cheney (or any other candidate, cause, or effort), bring them in!

Also remember that this is for anyone with an interest or history in canvassing. This includes past AND present canvassers. In other words, if you walked for Citizen Action last summer, you can join and share your horror stories now. :-)

Any questions or issues can be directed to me, either through my personal journal or e-mailed to me at ahimsa04@emailaccount.com

Thank you!

Katie Jo

Mon, Sep. 13th, 2004, 08:53 am
ahimsa04: Item!!

Just something to discuss...

What was your most surprising (in a good way) experience while on the canvass? Where were you? What/who were you canvassing for? What happened to make it memorable?

Please respond!!

Sat, Sep. 11th, 2004, 01:26 am
kelly_huckaby: (no subject)

-Username: kelly_huckaby (Jonathan)

-Location: tampa

-What kind of canvassing you do: i just started with ACT a few days ago. we're working for progressive candidates at all levels of government. i think it'll be over after election day. but i'd like to continue afterwards.

-What brought you into it: i needed a job, and i thought, get off your ass and change something. so here i am.

-Favorite canvassing story: being new, i don't have many, but the other day, an elderly lady answered the door. she called out "marie?" from her hiding spot behind the door (she was naked), and told my partner (i was observing) that she had been showering just as she knocked. but i guess these things are to be expected.

today one of us was bitten by a dog. he might have rabies. dogs suck.

Mon, Sep. 6th, 2004, 12:13 pm
katje0711: Update from the campaign trail

Just thought I would let everyone know what's been happening here in NH.

A few days ago a woman told me she would be voting for the first time this year and she was voting for Kerry/Edwards. Just the other day a guy asked how he could find out about Republicans for Kerry. I gave him the local HQ phone number. Last night my hubby and I were at Barnes and Noble and the lady behind the counter expressed pleasure at seeing our Kerry/Edwards buttons. She said she did not have a bumper sticker and I told her where she could get one. We tried to give her a button, but she said she would get one from HQ.

I asked my hubby if he had been recieving any kind of response when he wore his button out in the community and he said he had and it had all been positive.

My boss wears his 'Beat Bush' button almost daily is continues to report to me that he hears positive comments all the time. I certainly see this as good news for the Kerry/Edwards camp on this front.

What kind of response have the rest of you been getting when you wear your Kerry/Edwards or anit-Bush buttons?

Tue, Aug. 31st, 2004, 01:48 am
yuri_gagarin: Canvasser

Since I'm new and it seems everybody else has done this...

-Username: James Breen
-Location: Northampton/Amherst, MA
-What kind of canvassing you do: grassroots campaigns/DNC.
-What brought you into it: A friend informed me abotut he job, and its a good start to a political carrer
-Favorite canvassing story: hmmm this is a toughy cause theres so many. 3 death threats in one night, met eric carle, people giving me free food and water haha oh and a book :)

Thu, Aug. 26th, 2004, 04:50 pm
ahimsa04: (no subject)

I saw a guy from New Voters Project today.

I waved at him.

He smiled.

Solidarity, yo.

Mon, Aug. 23rd, 2004, 10:28 pm
ahimsa04: Start the presses!

Groups sell politics door to door

Campaigns get personal to try to sway undecided voters

Last Updated: Aug. 23, 2004

It's called the "ground game."

Making calls. Knocking on doors. Dropping off literature. Trying not to get bitten by dogs.

It's considered one of the most lethal arrows in the quiver of any political campaign. In recent years, it hasn't been loosed in the race for president around the Milwaukee area, in any major form, until September or even October.

But there is a figure - 5,708 - which has changed that dynamic this time around.

More...Collapse )

Anyone have anything like this in their town/state/neighborhood/shtetl?

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